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The widespread application of chain transmission makes it practical to clarify the conventional maintenance and upkeep methods. The better the maintenance and upkeep, the fewer faults the chain transmission will have. Practice has shown that if a few relatively simple maintenance and upkeep principles can be followed in practice, it can save costs, extend practical life, and fully utilize the working ability of chain transmission:

1. Each chain wheel of the drive shall be kept in good coplanarity, and the chain channel shall be kept unobstructed;

2. Keep the slack and sag of the chain appropriately. For horizontal and inclined transmissions with adjustable center distance, the chain sag should be maintained at around 1% to 2% of the center distance. For vertical transmissions or when subjected to vibration loads, reverse transmissions, and power braking, the chain sag should be reduced. Frequent inspection and adjustment of chain slack and sag is an important item in chain transmission maintenance work.

3. Regularly maintaining good lubrication is an important item in maintenance work. Regardless of the lubrication method used, the most important thing is to ensure that the lubricating grease is evenly distributed in a timely manner into the gaps of the chain hinges. If unnecessary, try not to use heavy oil or lubricating grease with high viscosity as they can easily block the passage (gap) to the hinge friction surface with dust after a period of use. The roller chain shall be cleaned and decontaminated regularly, and the lubrication effect shall be checked frequently. If necessary, the pin shaft and sleeve shall be disassembled for inspection. If the friction surface is brown or dark brown, it is generally due to insufficient oil supply and poor lubrication.

4. The chain sprocket should be kept in good working condition.

5. Regularly inspect the working surface of the sprocket teeth, and if excessive wear is found, adjust or replace the sprocket in a timely manner.

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